How can lubricants make maintenance easier

How can lubricants make maintenance easier?

Thanks to its lubricants’ expertise, NYCO offers a service to airlines to optimize their lubricants’ consumption and maintenance tasks

Maintenance tasks are very complex

Maintenance manuals list a lot of consumable products and greasing tasks are manifold. In the CML (Consumable Material List), issued by manufacturers (OEMs), on each maintenance task there are codes that indicate qualified products and alternative products to use. Airlines are responsible for choosing the products for their fleet maintenance. Among lubricants, not only there are lots of different greases listed in this document but they are applied on many parts on the aircraft. For instance on the Airbus A320, there are more than 25 different greases’ references and more than 500 greasing maintenance tasks listed in the AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual).

NYCO’s solutions

A dedicated NYCO team worked in streamlining the number of greases used on the Airbus A320 and ATR 72 programs. To reach that goal, NYCO has developed multi-purpose greases that cover a large spectrum of applications. They can be applied on many parts of the aircraft; on the flight controls, the doors, the cabin components, certain actuators, galleys, toilets, landing gear and more generally on all bearings.

From an airline or MRO’s perspective, it simplifies the technician’s job because thanks to one multi-purpose grease, 90% of the volume of greases used is covered up on a same aircraft, not to mention that it reduces the risks of human error. Another advantage is that the lubricants’ supply is optimized, quantities are bigger therefore there is less waste, especially on a mixed fleet.

«AFI KLM E&M is pleased to have worked with NYCO on the generalization of the use of NYCO multi-purpose synthetic grease. The broad application spectrum of this grease has allowed us to rationalize the number of grease types used on the Air France fleet and also reduce our associated maintenance costs. This project has involved close collaboration with NYCO teams who have continuously demonstrated technical expertise and responsiveness.» said Baptiste Héricher, A330/A340/A350 Landing Gear System Engineer. Logo AFI KLM EM

«Throughout our greases streamlining project, we worked in close collaboration with airlines and OEMs. This project and our last technology of multi-purpose greases have helped operators rationalize the number of types of greases used on their fleet, contributing to globally reducing their direct maintenance costs (DMC).» said Guillaume Forestier, Director of the Aeronautics and Defence division.

Today, NYCO offers this additional service to airlines. We work closely with them to optimize their lubricants’ consumption and maintenance tasks. The rationalization project is underway for all Airbus, Boeing, Embraer Bombardier and ATR programs.