Production site

Over more than 60 years we have acquired strong know-how in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality esters, oils, greases and specialty products

Our state-of-the-art production site NYCO Tournai Plant, fully owned by NYCO, was built in 1997 to reinforce our global position as a lubricant specialist. The plant is managed with a complete range of operational services: engineering, maintenance, purchasing, supply chain, accounting, safety and quality control.

It is located in Tournai, Belgium, at the cross-roads of European industrial and commercial routes. This ideal location, together with local warehousing, a flexible storage tank farm and well-located distribution facilities, allow efficient sourcing of raw materials and a better service and customer proximity. We deliver to more than 100 countries all around the world.


A highly performing & flexible tool to match market requirements:

  • 4 synthetic ester production lines;
  • 2 blending units for lubricants;
  • 2 grease manufacturing units;
  • 1 pilot unit for synthetic esters and additives.

Our production process is designed to manufacture high-purity esters and refined lubricants in small, medium and large volumes (from 1 litre cans to bulk containers). We constantly strive to operate our plant safely and ensure the continuity of supply to our customers.


1997 Start-up


2011 Production capacity doubled


Synthetic esters Lubricants formulations Greases Specialty additives


Packaging from 20T to 20ml

NYCO Tournai Plant is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. NYCO Tournai Plant – a responsible partner focused on operational excellence Safety and environment

  • Environment: ISO 14001 certification obtained in 2007; transition to ISO 14001 – 2015 scheduled in November 2017;
  • Process safety: HAZOP studies carried out for all processes to minimize risks;
  • Safety: risk analyzes performed continuously to improve the level of protection of our employees;
  • Crisis management: procedure in place to face major issues;
  • Back up plan: two separate, fully independent units.

NYCO also has a production facility in India (Avi-Oil India), which ensures  even wider coverage of customers’ needs and supply areas.

In 2017, we celebrated our plant’s 20th anniversary. Read more about it.

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